Our Approach

We believe the education of a child is not just an intellectual discourse.

It involves the holistic development of the child which prepares them for the realities of life.
To run a blend of the Montessori, British Cambridge International Examination and Ghana Education Service (GES) curricular—ensuring that students are equipped with broad knowledge to be able to fit and excel at anywhere they may find themselves in the future.
Fostering self-respect, self-discipline, independence and organizational skills for success in this rapidly changing world
Our  co-curricular are activities, programs, and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school—i.e., experiences that meant to help build specific skills, values and competencies for effective living and success in life.
Providing a safe, secure, stimulating and caring educational environment where children can grow and develop as individuals

Instilling Godly principles which prepares the child for life

Running an effective extra-curricular program to promote the general well-being of the child.
Delivering a balanced and effective curriculum, using modern pedagogic methods with flexible approaches to teaching and learning so as to promote academic excellence

To help in the formation and confidence building of the child by offering a holistic approach to education through our Child Development Program which offers subjects such as Principles of Life, Personal Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Practical Life, African Stories, and News Time
And very, very importantly, ensuring that every child in our care is a happy child!

The Sanctuary Montessori is a carefully prepared Christian environment to inspire, nurture, develop, and empower the individual for excellence in life