We believe the education of a child is not just an intellectual discourse.

It involves the holistic development of the child which prepares them for the realities of life.


Principles of Life (Word of God)
We teach the principles of life for excellent living from the Word of God. The ability to distinguish between what is right and wrong based on godly principles is fundamental to the formation and the development of the child. We help your child make this navigation.
African Stories
Library Studies
News Time
Listening and Spelling
Number Games
Physical Education
Personal Leadership and Entrepreneurship (From Grade 4)

After School Extra-Curricular

Spanish Club
Music Club
Spelling Club (from Grade 4)
Computer Languages and Coding for Life (From Grade 5)
Sports (Football, Chess, Scrabbles, Junior Golf, Basketball, Netball, etc)

The Sanctuary Montessori is a carefully prepared Christian environment to inspire, nurture, develop, and empower the individual for excellence in life